Mechanical Engineering Design & Prototyping
Experience in providing innovative solutions, combining the latest technology with the classic engineering methods.
Electronic Engineering
Electronics are a critical component of any technology system. Big or small, we can build it.
Software Engineering
Realtime options for industrial, laboratory and medical devices.
Project Management
Our experienced team helps people and companies turn ideas into reality.
Freeze and Thaw Tester
To determine the adhesion strength for cementitious adhesives and adhesives for tiles we present the Freeze and Thaw Tester mod . DTC 335.
Steam and Water Sampling Systems
SUPERCO Engineering is developing and producing equipment and machinery in the field of quality control, research and production.
OUR PHILOSOPHY Tight Design Schedules and Parallel Development
Superco applies rapid development techniques along with extensive manufacturing experience to expedite the transition from prototypes to production. With a focus and adherence to design for manufacturability and test along with a highly parallel workflow, Superco is capable of quickly moving a project from the whiteboard to your hands.
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